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How It All Began

In the year 2001 Mrs. Earline Carpenter and Mr. Lloyd Neighbors met with a group of Jones citizens about the beautification and improvement of Jones.

Among other things discussed was the removal of the electric poles from Main Street to the alley behind the businesses, and the widening of main street and planting trees with benches. Lloyd and Earline suggested the formation of a historical society and were told to start working on it. Lloyd was appointed temporary president and soon afterwards a board of directors was formed.

The newly formed board met in Mrs. Carpenter’s home and Mr. Lloyd Neighbors was elected president and Mrs. Carpenter as Vice president. The board members were Collette Ralston, treasurer; Mrs. Willella Steger, Secretary; and Mr. Randy McMillin and Mr. John McEwen members. With the help of Mrs. Linda Chandler Verges, a set of bylaws was adopted and membership dues were established.

Mrs. Steger donated the land where the museum is located. Soon afterwards the Catholic Church of Jones wanted to sell the old train depot which they had bought from the Railroad and converted into a fellowship hall. The society made a bid and bought the depot for $7000.00 and had it moved to it’s present location at 145 N.W. First Street where it now serves as our historical museum.

Today, thanks to the efforts of these early visionaries, the Jones Oklahoma Historical Society has over 200 lifetime members and proudly serves our community by maintaining our museum and through a host of other activities directed toward preserving and sharing our historical heritage.